Why is optimum nutrition so important in everyday life?

The following are some examples (not exhaustive) of symptoms or conditions where good nutrition can have a huge impact:

High Stress / Low energy
Stress seems to be a factor of modern living. The pace of life is hectic (both at home and in the office), and so many people feel low in energy. Addressing your diet can have an almost immediate effect on energy levels helping you to cope more easily with everyday stress.

Weight Loss
Can't seem to lose weight, even though you've tried every diet and slimming fad going? Do you lose the weight and then watch it slowly creep up again? Losing weight and maintaining your ideal weight is not just about calories in. You have to look at when you eat and how you combine proteins, fats and carbohydrates. More importantly it is about adopting a manageable way of eating for life - say no to yo-yo dieting forever.

Healthy-looking skin
How we look on the outside is very often a reflection of what is going on inside your body, as the body eliminates toxins through the skin. Conditions such as eczema, acne, rosacea, red pimples, may all be helped by changing your diet.

Better digestion
Do you have problems with your digestion? Have you been diagnosed with IBS? Do you frequently feel bloated, or suffer from constipation? Very often health problems stem from poor digestion, which may be as a result of a lot of stress in your life, a hectic lifestyle, eating the wrong types of food, or having an intolerance to a certain food for example. A nutritional assessment can help to alleviate all these symptoms without having to resort to drugs and their accompanying side-effects.

Optimum sports performance
Whatever level of training you are at, nutrition can have dramatic results. You may be entering a marathon for the first time and want to know how to keep your energy levels up during training and the event, or improve muscle mass, or knock time off your event. Sports nutrition is a very precise science involving specific amounts and combinations of macronutrients and supplementation of additional vitamins and minerals to help the body deal with the additional demands being put on it.

Food allergies and intolerance
Eczema, bloating, mood swings, low energy, recurrent cystitis may all be symptoms of an intolerance to food. These can all be identified simply by testing or food elimination including suitable food substitutes.

Prevent ill health
The body is just like a finely tuned vehicle, only more sophisticated as it has an inbuilt function to self-heal. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates (macronutrients) and water are all vital for energy, repair, growth, healthy brain function etc. Vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) are just as vital to ensure the body works properly. If your diet is not well balanced, it is not difficult to see where things might start going wrong.

Fertility & hormonal issues
PMS, menopause and other female health problems, thyroid issues, may all benefit from assessing diet and lifestyle. Pre-conceptual planning, pregnancy and infertility all require careful nutritional balancing.

Feel great! Sometimes you need to start feeling better, before you realise just how bad you were feeling before!
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